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We are involved in each stage of the life cycle of a well and know how many are active and inactive and how many have been abandoned and reclaimed.  

An inactive well is one that has not produced oil or gas, injected fluids, or disposed of waste for 6 or 12 months, depending on the type of well and its potential risks to the public or environment.

An abandoned well is one that has been permanently sealed and taken out of service.

An abandoned and reclaimed well is one that has received a reclamation certificate.

For more information on these categories, see our article “Well, What’s the Difference."

Number of licensed wells in each stage of the life cycle

This graph shows a snapshot of the total number of wells as of a certain point in time. For each of the past years, the last snapshot is taken on December 31 of that year. For the current year, the snapshot is taken once a month. 


Active wells only.