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ST102: Facility List, formerly Battery Codes and Facility Codes [ASCII] (updated monthly)

These reports each contain list of batteries, gas plants, meter stations, and other facilities in the province. As well, the list has been upgraded to include additional information frequently requested by customers, such as operator name and facility sub-type description.

They are supplied in two parts:

Part A - List of New and Active Facilities [TXT] [PDF]

Part B - List of Other Facilities [TXT] [PDF]

We also have a Facility List Shapefile [ZIP] which contains both Part A and Part B, from above. 


EDCT - Energy Development Category Type - identifies the energy development type the facility is currently licensed for, as well as the minimum consultation and notification requirements.

Facility Subtype - assigned by the operator when requesting a Facility ID in Petrinex, a facility subtype is a more detailed classification of a facility type. When a facility operator applies for a Facility ID, the facility subtype must be specified in the application. Petrinex validates the facility subtype selection with the facility license data. An example of a facility subtype for the facility type of GP (gas plant) is facility subtype 405, Gas Plant Sulphur Recovery.

EDCT Code / Facility Subtype comparison [PDF]

Please note, the Petrinex Facility Subtype is typically not changed once assigned and may not reflect the current operating facility subtype, EDCT Codes reflect current licence type. EDCT codes are assigned at the licence level. If there are two or more facilities on the same licence, the EDCT code of the highest priority facility will be assigned to all of the facilities on that licence.

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