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Updated monthly, this statistical report shows how much coal is produced, processed, and exported from Alberta. The report includes information on coal producers, mine types, coal types, and coal volumes.

Under the Coal Conservation Rules, companies must submit coal production data to us.

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We update this report on the 15th day of every month. Data submitted for this report is published two months after we receive it.

Current issue ST26 March 2024 [PDF] 
ST26 2023 [PDF]
ST26 2022 [PDF]
ST26 2021 [PDF]
ST26 2020 [PDF]
ST26 2019 [PDF]
ST26 2018 [PDF]
ST26 2017 [PDF]
ST26 2016 [PDF]
ST26 2015 [PDF]
ST26 2014 [PDF]
ST26 2013 [PDF]
ST26 2012 [PDF]
ST26 2011 [PDF]
ST26 2010 [PDF]
ST26 2009 [PDF]

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