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Updated monthly, this report contains oil sands production, supplies, dispositions, and inventory of oil sands and processing products.

The data are collected from monthly submissions to the AER by oil sands operators in the province of Alberta in a cumulative monthly view.

Monthly Current issue March 2024 [PDF] Monthly Current issue March 2024 [XLS]
ST39 2023 [PDF] ST39 2023 [XLS]
ST39 2022 [PDF] ST39 2022 [XLS]
ST39 2021 [PDF] ST39 2021 [XLS]
ST39 2020 [PDF] ST39 2020 [XLS]
ST39 2019 [PDF] ST39 2019 [XLS]
ST39 2018 [PDF] ST39 2018 [XLS]
ST39 2017 [PDF] ST 39 2017 [XLS]
ST39 2016 [PDF] ST 39 2016 [XLS]
ST39 2015 [PDF] ST 39 2015 [XLS]
ST39 2014 [PDF] ST 39 2014 [XLS]
ST39 2013 [PDF] ST 39 2013 [XLS]
ST39 2012 [PDF] ST 39 2012 [XLS]
ST39 2011 [PDF] ST 39 2011 [XLS]
ST39 2010 [PDF] ST 39 2010 [XLS]
ST39 2009 [PDF] ST 39 2009 [XLS]

Monthly or annual subscriptions, as well as archived copies of previous years’ issues are also available from the AER Information Services.

Previous years’ issues are available from the AER's Information Distribution Services (IDS); see the Serial Publications page.

Related publication available for purchase via IPSS: ST53: Alberta Crude Bitumen In Situ Production Monthly Statistics

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