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Updated quarterly, this statistical report provides data on active mining and in situ oil sands schemes in Alberta. The report also includes schemes that were terminated or expired after 2008 or have been superseded by a new approval. 

Users can search for oil sands schemes by

  • scheme name
  • approval number
  • approval issuance and expiry date
  • operator
  • geological formation targeted
  • field or area
  • location 
  •  recovery method

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Access the Report

We update this report at the end of February, May, August, and November.

2018     Q3 [XLSX] - November 2018 Q4 [XLSX] - February 2019
2019 Q1 [XLSX] - May 2019 Q2 [XLSX] - August 2019 Q3 [XLSX] - November 2019 Q4 [XLSX] - February 2020
2020 Q1 [XLSX] - May 2020 Q2 [XLSX] - August 2020 Q3 [XLSX] - November 2020  

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