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Updated monthly, this statistical report provides data related to in situ production volumes for approved in situ schemes in the Peace River, Athabasca, and Cold Lake areas. The report includes 

  • crude bitumen production rates
  • water production rates
  • steam injection rates
  • number of wells producing or injecting 
  • steam/oil ratios
  • water/steam ratios

Users can search through the report by operator, scheme name, area, approval number, and recovery method.

Companies are required to submit production data to us under Directive 007: Volumetric and Infrastructure Requirements. Data submitted for this report is published two months after we receive it. 

To learn how volumetric data is submitted, read Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER.

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We publish statistical reports on a regular basis. Find more information on our Statistical Reports page.

Access the Report

We update this report in the last week of every month. Data submitted for this report is published two months after we receive it.

Current Version - May 2024 [XLS] 
ST53 2023 [XLS]  ST53 2016 [XLS]
ST53 2022 [XLS] ST53 2015 [XLS]
ST53 2021 [XLS] ST53 2014 [XLS]
ST53 2020 [XLS] ST53 2014 [XLS]
ST53 2019 [XLS] ST53 2013 [XLS]
ST53 2018  [XLS] ST53 2012 [XLS]
ST53 2017 [XLS] ST53 2011 [XLS]
  ST53 2010 [XLS]

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