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This document contains drilling activities, well counts, active pools, licences issued by type, and active gas processing plants information. The data is obtained from various sources submitted by operators to the AER.

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Category and Grouping Definitions
Licenses Issued are sorted into the following Groups and Categories and defined as follows:

Group Lahee Classification
Development Development, Development Service, Other, Re-Entry
Exploratory Outpost, Deeper Pool Test, New Field Wildcat, New Pool Wildcat
Experimental Experimental
Evaluation Evaluation (OSD), Testhole

Under each group are the following categories of well, which include target substances as follows:

Category Target Substance
Conventional Crude Oil, Gas, LPG
Oil Sands Crude Bitumen
CBM Coalbed Methane
Water Water

Brine, Miscellaneous, Sand, Waste, or no target specified

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