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This report provides a summary of flared and vented volumes for the various oil and gas industry sectors. It also reports in detail on solution gas conserved from oil and bitumen batteries. Tables show operators by rank based on solution gas flared, solution gas vented, total solution gas production, and total oil from crude oil and bitumen batteries. The operators are ranked provincially and by AER field centre area. The top 25 gas producers and top 25 companies venting solution gas are also listed.

Current report

2022 report including data and tables [PDF] (ST60B-2023)
2022 raw data [download XLSX]

Previous Reports

2021 data, tables, and raw date   [ZIP] (ST60B - 2022)
2020 data, tables, and shapefiles [ZIP] (ST60B - 2021)
2019 data, tables, and shapefiles [ZIP] (ST60B - 2020) 
2018 data, tables, and shapefiles [ZIP] (ST60B - 2019)
2017 data, tables, and shapefiles [ZIP] (ST60B - 2018)
2016 data, tables, and shapefiles [ZIP] (ST60B - 2017)
2015 data, tables and shapefiles [ZIP] (ST60B - 2016)
2014 data [PDF] (ST60B-2015)
2013 data [PDF] (ST60B-2014)
2012 data [PDF] (ST60B-2013)
2011 data [PDF] (ST60B-2012)
2010 data [PDF] (ST60B-2011)

2009 data [PDF] (ST60B-2010)
2008 data [PDF] (ST60B-2009)
2007 data [PDF] (ST60B-2008)
2006 data [PDF] (ST60B-2007)
2005 data [PDF] (ST60B-2006)
2004 data [PDF] (ST60B-2005)
2003 data [PDF] (ST60B-2004)
2002 data [PDF] (ST60B-2003)
2001 data [PDF] (ST60B-2002)
2000 data [PDF] (ST60B-2001)

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