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The AER assumes full mineral resource oversight in Alberta

Today, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has assumed full regulatory oversight of mineral resources development in the province. This follows the full proclamation of the Mineral Resource Development Act (MRDA) by the Government of Alberta. 

A “proclamation” is an authoritative government declaration that expands the AER’s mandate to include responsibility for the development of mineral resources, including rock- and brine-hosted minerals, throughout their life cycle.

“There is a growing world-wide need for minerals for use in existing and emerging technologies, and Alberta is well positioned to deliver. The Mineral Resource Development Act increases regulatory efficiency, clarity and effectiveness which provides certainty for the industry,” said Brian Jean, Alberta’s Minister of Energy and Minerals. “This is the final step in creating a legal framework that positions our province as a global preferred minerals investment destination leading to more prosperity for Albertans.”

“As Alberta’s energy landscape evolves, the AER is now responsible for the regulatory requirements for rock hosted minerals. This was granted to us by today’s proclamation and helps to ensure a consistent regulatory regime across mineral development activities in the province. We’re committed to the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible development of these natural resources,” said Laurie Pushor, president and CEO of the Alberta Energy Regulator.

To support proclamation, the AER has also released Directive 91: Rock-Hosted Mineral Resource Development , a crucial component of the framework governing mineral resource development. The directive outlines mandatory requirements for industry engaged in rock-hosted mineral resource development across all stages of the development life cycle.

The regulator worked collaboratively with Albertans, Indigenous communities, municipalities, and industry representatives in drafting the regulatory framework for mineral resource development. 

Continued Pushor, “I would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions and thank all involved parties in shaping these regulations. A key part of the AER’s role is to ensure resource developments align with the principles of sustainability and responsibility.”

The AER requirements for rock-hosted minerals come into effect upon the Government of Alberta’s release of the Rock-Hosted Mineral Resource Development Rules on the Alberta King’s Printer in the Alberta Gazette.

For more information about the AER’s regulatory framework and the directive, check this bulletin