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Alberta Energy Regulator Denies Request for Reconsideration by Alberta Wilderness Association

The AER is committed to ensuring the responsible development of energy resources in Alberta. Our decision-making process involves rigorous evaluation and ongoing oversight to ensure public safety and environmental protection throughout the full lifecycle of energy development.

After careful evaluation, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has denied the Alberta Wilderness Association's (AWA) request for reconsideration regarding the McClelland Lake Wetland Complex Operational Plan (MLWC). Read the full decision here.

In the decision letter, the AER states there is no new information presented by the AWA that justifies a re-evaluation of the decision authorizing the MLWC Operational Plan.

The AER's decision to authorize any energy project is based on adherence to strict conditions and requirements. Our role extends beyond approval issuance to enforce these conditions throughout project lifecycle, which includes strict requirements for responsible abandonment, remediation, and reclamation.

Water Act conditions are also in place to safeguard the environment at this site. If an operator fails to meet the AER’s requirements, the AER may apply one or more compliance and enforcement tools to bring operators back into compliance with our requirements.

The AER remains committed to transparent communication and ongoing engagement with stakeholders and Indigenous Communities – all while ensuring Alberta's energy resources are developed safely and responsibly.