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AER directs the Orphan Well Association to provide care of all Tallahassee Exploration Inc. sites

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is escalating enforcement against Tallahassee Exploration and has instructed the Orphan Well Association (OWA) to take necessary actions, known as reasonable care and measures (RCAM), at all Tallahassee-licensed sites.

On September 15, 2023, the AER issued an order to Tallahassee with respect to reasonable care and measures of the company’s licences and sites. Tallahassee failed to comply with all requirements of the order. Ongoing inspections of the sites continued to determine that Tallahassee was not providing reasonable care and measures to prevent risks to public safety and the environment. On November 27, the AER issued a new RCAM order, rescinding the September 15 order.

Under the new RCAM Order, the OWA will undertake actions, including ensuring the safe depressurization of pipeline systems, the safe shut-in of various wells and facilities, and providing and managing emergency response.

Tallahassee and its contractors are restricted from taking actions at the sites without OWA approval. Tallahassee is responsible for covering costs incurred by the OWA and must actively cooperate, provide necessary information, and refrain from selling or removing infrastructure associated with the sites.

Tallahassee Exploration Inc. holds licenses granted by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for various sites, including wells, facilities, and pipelines. These assets remain licensed to Tallahassee Exploration and have not been orphaned to the OWA.

The AER’s orders can be found on the compliance dashboard.

Order issued to Tallahassee Exploration Inc.

September 19, 2023 - On September 15, 2023, the AER issued a reasonable care and measures (RCAM) order to Tallahassee Exploration Inc. (Tallahassee) as the company has repeatedly failed to comply with regulatory requirements and address compliance issues in a timely manner.  

The AER’s order requires Tallahassee to take several actions, which include: 

  • submitting a plan outlining actions it will take to properly manage its sites, address outstanding compliance issues, ensure ability to respond to an incident or emergency, and perform remedial work related to previous incidents;
  • submitting an Abandonment Plan with specific actions and timelines, for all overdue mineral lease-expired wells within six months from the date of this order;
  • complete delineation for historical spills and submit a plan for remedial action relating to these incidents; and 
  • provide written updates every two weeks to the AER with details on the progress of the work required under the order.  

In addition, Tallahassee is required to submit financial information, such as interim quarterly financial statements and third-party audited annual financial statements. 

The AER has issued this order to ensure the sites licensed to Tallahassee will not pose a risk to public safety or the environment, and to prevent impairment or damage to the sites. Learn more about reasonable care and measures orders on  

A copy of the reasonable care and measures order issued to Tallahassee can be found on the AER’s Compliance Dashboard.