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Licensees are required to provide "reasonable care and measures" (RCAM) to prevent impairment or damage of their wells, pipelines, facilities, and sites throughout the energy development life cycle (see section 26.2 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act and section 22.1 of the Pipeline Act). When a licensee fails to do so, we can issue an RCAM order to the licensee, other companies with a working interest in the development, or the Orphan Well Association.

RCAM orders may require submitting a compliance plan for approval, ensuring emergency response to an incident, providing ongoing site care (e.g., removing fluids, securing the site, repairing infrastructure), and addressing site concerns that may pose risks to public safety or the environment.

To see the RCAM orders we’ve issued, visit our compliance dashboard and search "reasonable care and measures" under the Noncompliance & Enforcement tab.