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AER directs the Orphan Well Association to intervene at AlphaBow Energy sites

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has directed the Orphan Well Association (OWA) to provide reasonable care and measures (RCAM) and to suspend all sites licensed to AlphaBow Energy Ltd. due to AlphaBow’s failure to comply with two orders issued in March and June of 2023.  

On March 30, 2023, the AER issued an order to AlphaBow with respect to reasonable care and measures of the company’s licences and sites. AlphaBow failed to comply with the March order and, as a result, in June the AER ordered AlphaBow to suspend all licences and sites held by the company. 

The direction includes reasonable care and measures as well as emergency response, and suspension of all sites as required under the June Order. As a result of the AER directing and authorizing the OWA to take the steps listed above, AlphaBow and any contractors of AlphaBow, are not permitted to take any actions at the company’s licences and sites without first obtaining the approval from the OWA.  AlphaBow is also responsible for all costs incurred by the OWA in relation to this direction. 

The AER has confirmed that AlphaBow Energy is not taking the actions required under the June order and is of the opinion that AlphaBow is not providing and is not capable of providing reasonable care and measures to protect public safety and the environment.

AlphaBow has previously been granted a hearing to review the orders; a date has not yet been set. The notice of hearing can be found here: Notice of hearings

The AER’s letter to the OWA and the orders from March and June orders can be found on the AER’s compliance dashboard.