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AER board responds to investigations into the International Centre of Regulatory Excellence

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Calgary, Alberta (Oct 04, 2019)…

The Public Interest Commissioner, Ethics Commissioner, and the Auditor General have completed investigations into the AER’s involvement with the International Centre of Regulatory Excellence (ICORE). These investigations were rigorous and the interim board of directors, installed in September of this year, will take the recommendations seriously and implement any required actions in order to enhance public confidence in the regulator.

While ICORE was originally established to provide training to AER employees and support information sharing across jurisdictions, it is clear now that a small group of senior leaders used AER resources in a way that is unacceptable. These individuals are no longer employed at the AER.

The findings from the reports are disappointing, especially to the employees, stakeholders, and Albertans who put their trust in the leadership of the AER. There has been substantial progress already to improve governance, policies, controls, and culture, and we will advance this work further with the benefit of the important insights and recommendations from the investigation findings. The Ethics Commissioner recommended a review of three current employees which has been completed by an independent firm and no concerns were found.

We have also reinforced the value and importance of employees coming forward with concerns about questionable practices and behaviours. This was an important element in how this issue was identified and investigated.

As the interim board, and in partnership with CEO Gord Lambert, our focus is on supporting our dedicated employees and to deliver on our mandate. The reports have highlighted the regrettable actions of a small group of leaders. This does not represent the organization’s 1,200 dedicated employees working every day to ensure an efficient and effective regulatory system.

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