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In certain situations, we may issue a gas allowable order to set the maximum allowed gas production rate for a gas well or wells in a pool.

Learn about how to apply for a gas allowable order, or read our annual Letter to Licensees of Penalized Off-Target Gas Wells (December 2, 2022) for information about how we administer gas allowable orders.

Gas Allowable Orders

GA381 - Current order


GA379 GA378 GA377 GA376 GA375 GA374 GA373 GA372 GA371
GA380 GA378A GA377A GA376A GA375B GA374A GA373A GA372A GA371A
GA380A     GA376B     GA373B GA372B GA371B
            GA373C GA372C GA371C

Learn more about the other orders we issue to ensure that companies comply with our requirements.

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To access historical gas allowable orders, please contact our

If you have questions about gas allowable orders, please contact @email.