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Before the AER formed in 2013, our predecessor (the Energy Resources Conservation Board, or ERCB) would sometimes appoint examiners from its senior staff to conduct hearings. The examiners would submit a report to the ERCB, and it would make a decision.

Until 2001, these decisions were published separately from other decision reports. The ERCB called these publications examiner reports. After 2001, no distinction was made in the naming of decisions, and all reports were classified as decision reports.

The following reports are historical. Since the formation of the AER, examiners are no longer appointed to conduct hearings.

  Company Name Application Number Description Date
E2001-06 Enermark Inc. 1086069 Application for Sweet Natural Gas Pipelines and a Review Pursuant to Section 43 of the ERC Act October 01, 2001
E2001-05 Artemis Energy Limited 1089745 Compulsory Pooling, Three Hills Creek Field August 08, 2001
E2001-04 Mayfair Energy Ltd. 1083728 Compulsory Pooling Bonnie Glen Field July 09, 2001
E2001-03 Hunt Oil Company of Canada Inc. 1075514 Application for a Sweet Natural Gas Pipeline Harmattan-Elkton, Ricinus, and Caroline Fields June 12, 2001
E2001-02 Talisman Energy Inc. 1076449 Application to Construct a Sour Gas Compressor Station Knopcik Field May 02, 2001
E2001-01 Husky Oil Operations Limited 1056355,1059607 Applications for Well Licences and Pipeline Permits Provost Field February 13, 2001
E2000-07 Gauntlet Energy Corporation 1060362 Application to Construct and Operate Sour Gas Compressor Station at LSD 16-16-48-12W5M, Brazeau River Field August 29, 2000
E2000-06 Regent Resources Ltd. 1044287, 1064453 Applications for a Pipeline Permit and Review of a Well Licence, LSD 14-17-3-8W4M, Pendant D'Oreille Field June 27, 2000
E2000-05 Nycan Energy Corp. 1052140 Compulsory Pooling, Enchant Field June 09, 2000
E2000-04 Anderson Resources Ltd. 1042760, 1048692 Applications for a Well Licence ARL GORDONDALE 14-30-79-10, Gordondale Area May 16, 2000
E2000-03 Northrock Resources Ltd. 1051067 Compulsory Pooling, Gilby Field May 11, 2000
E2000-02 Bonavista Petroleum Ltd. 1039898, 1039899, 1039900 Applications to Drill Two Sweet Gas Wells and to Install and Operate a Sweet Gas Pipeline, Blood and Magrath Areas February 15, 2000
E2000-01 Bearspaw Petroleum Ltd. 1024638 Application for a Well Licence, LSD 12-25-29-20 W4M, Drumheller Field January 24, 2000
E99-04 Talisman Energy Inc. 1041416, 1047693 Application for a Pipeline Permit, Temporary Compressor and Permanent Booster Compressor, Medicine River Field, LSD 10-12-39-3 W5M December 14, 1999
E99-03 Union Pacific Resources Inc. 1026077, 1036629, 1038235, 1038236, 1038237, 1038810, 1038811, 1038820 Applications for Well Licences and to Construct and Operate a Sour Gas Processing Facility and Associated Pipelines, Telfordville Field October 15, 1999
E99-02 Talisman Energy Inc. 1031007 Application for a Gas Battery and Pipeline Permit Gordondale Field June 15, 1999
E99-01 Bonavista Petroleum Ltd. 1020308, 1022809, 1022978, 1023336 Compulsory Pooling and Pipelines, Blood and Magrath Areas January 26, 1999
E98-11 Olympia Energy Inc. 980488 Section 42 Review Well Licence No.0155130 OLYMPIA ET AL JUMP 8-17-26-5 December 02, 1998
E98-10 Magin Energy Inc. 1012146 Application for a Pipeline Permit December 01, 1998
E98-08 Loon Energy Inc. 1027655 Application for a Well Licence, Carvel Field, LSD 3-33-53-2 W5M November 30, 1998
E98-09 Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd. 1024118 Application for a Pipeline Pembina Field November 25, 1998
E98-07 Anderson Resources Ltd. 1023109 Application for a Well Licence, Rycroft Field, LSD 16-20-77-4 W6M August 25, 1998
E98-05 Field Northstar Energy Corporation 1022865, 1026467 Application for a Well Licence Leduc-Woodbend Field, LSD 16-22-48-26 W4M July 29, 1998
E98-03 Ulster Petroleums Ltd. 970583 Application for a Well Licence Three Hills Creek Field, LSD 8-17-36-26 W4M May 26, 1998
E98-02 Thunder Energy Inc. 1007719, 1013399 Applications to Modify an Existing Sweet Gas Proc Fac to a Sour Gas Proc Fac and Increase the Hydrogen Sulphide Concentration of Existing Pipelines, Kelsey Area March 25, 1998
E98-06 Penn West Petroleum Ltd. 970251 Application for a Well Licence, Twining Field, Well Licence No. 0213751, LSD 16-5-31-23 W4M March 25, 1998
E98-04 OIL & GAS INC. 970483 Application for Well Licences, Well Licence Nos. 0202155 to 0202162, Morgan Field March 23, 1998
E98-01 Northstar Energy Corporation 1015349 Application to Construct and Operate a Sweet Natural Gas Pipeline in the Carmangay Area March 03, 1998
E97-06 Enron Oil Canada Ltd. 960883 Common Carrier, Common Processor, Allocation of Production, Wapiti Area September 23, 1997
E97-05 Penn West Petroleum Ltd. 970251 Applications for a Well Licence, Twining Field, Well Licence No. 0195726, LSD 16-5-31-23 W4M August 05, 1997
E97-04 Renaissance Energy Ltd. 960977, 1004244 Applications for a Well Licence and a Pipeline Permit, Provost Field June 24, 1997
E97-02 Crestar Energy Inc. 1002908 Application for Permits to Increase the Hydrogen Sulphide Concentration of an Existing Pipeline and Construct Sour Natural Gas Pipelines in the Vulcan Area June 04, 1997
E97-03 CanNat Resources Inc. 970189 Application for Two Well Licences, Joarcam Area June 03, 1997
E97-01 Renaissance Energy Ltd. 1002927, 1002928, 1002929, 960906, 960907, 960908, 960909 Applications for Well Licences, Applications for Pipelines,Taber and Taber North Fields March 11, 1997
E96-12 Ironwood Petroleum Ltd. 960222, 960491 Compulsory Pooling Drumheller Field December 10, 1996
E96-11 Rozsa Petroleum Ltd. 960765, 960766 Application for a Well Licence, Application for a Pipeline Permit, Keho Field November 26, 1996
E96-10 Renaissance Energy Ltd. 1000465, 1000466 Renaissance Energy Ltd. Applications for Reduced Drilling Spacing Units, Holdings and Miscellaneous Order, Cessford Area October 31, 1996
E96-09 Imperial Oil Resources Limited 960346 Compulsory Pooling, Willesden Green Field October 29, 1996
E96-08 AEC West Ltd. 960468, 960469, 960470, 960514, 960515, 960516, 960517 Applications for Seven Well Licences, Valhalla Field July 30, 1996
E96-07 AEC West Ltd. 960281, 960350 Application for a Well Licence and Permit to Construct a Pipeline Elmworth Field July 09, 1996
E96-06 Jordan Petroleum Limited 960100 Application for a Well Licence No. 0182282, Wizard Lake Area May 17, 1996
E96-05 Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd. 960101, 960166 Application to Review Well Licence No. 0182172, Permit to Construct a Pipeline, Leduc-Woodbend Field April 25, 1996
E96-04 Canadian Forest Oil Ltd. 960015 Permit to Construct a Natural Gas Pipeline in the Penhold Area April 16, 1996
E96-02 Baytex Energy Ltd. 960018, 960070 Applications for a Well Licence, a Permit to Construct a Single Well Oil Battery, Pembina Area March 29, 1996
E96-03 Cabre Exploration Ltd. 950490 Gas Injection/Rateable Take Common Carrier/Common Processor Kakwa A Cardium A Pool March 13, 1996
E96-01 Suncor Inc. 951559 Application to Review Well Licence, Well Licence No. 0179979, LSD 9-24-73-7 W6M January 09, 1996