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AER hearings are open to the public and may be observed either in-person or by live-streamed audio. Alternatively, the live-streamed video may be made available to the public. The format for a hearing is determined by the assigned AER hearing panel.

Links to current hearings, available through a live audio or video stream, are posted below. The audio and video broadcasts are an extension of the hearing room and provided for the benefit of participants and members of the public. They are not to be copied or transmitted for other purposes.

The live audio and video streams are not part of the record of the proceeding. The official transcripts, if available, can be downloaded at the links below.

For questions about live streams, transcripts, or other hearing procedures please contact @email 

Full hearing calendar

Broadcasts links and transcripts

 Proceeding         Description   Dates and times Hearing Transcripts
No current proceedings