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Notice of Application 
Application Imperial alt-FEMP 0324 
Imperial Oil Resources Ltd. 
Alt-FEMP 2024 

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has received the Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.. alt-FEMP application.  

Description of the Application  
Imperial Oil Resources Ltd. (Imperial) has applied for an Alternative Fugitive Emission Management Program (alt-FEMP), as enabled in Section 8.10.6 in Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating and Venting (Directive 060). Imperial is applying for an alt-FEMP on the following 206 sites:

Facility ID Location /LSD Facility ID Location /LSD Facility ID Location /LSD
ABBT0051211  10-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051211  15-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  14-22-065-04W4 
ABBT0051212  02-21-065-04W4  ABBT0051211  15-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  14-26-065-04W4 
ABBT0111783  15-33-064-03W4  ABBT0051211  15-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  14-35-065-04W4 
ABBT0119087  11-23-066-03W4  ABBT0051211  15-36-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  15-10-065-04W4 
ABBT0128036  10-18-065-04W4  ABBT0051211  16-02-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  15-14-065-04W4 
ABBT0157365  11-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051211  16-03-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  15-26-065-04W4 
ABBT1330520  14-05-065-03W4  ABBT0051211  16-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  15-27-065-04W4 
ABIF0007678  14-05-065-03W4  ABBT0051211  16-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  16-05-066-04W4 
ABIF0008036  14-07-065-03W4  ABBT0051211  16-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  16-10-065-04W4 
ABIF0008797  10-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051211  16-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  16-15-065-04W4 
ABIF0008798  02-21-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  01-15-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  16-16-065-04W4 
ABIF0111784  15-33-064-03W4  ABBT0051212  01-23-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  16-34-065-04W4 
ABIF0119086  11-23-066-03W4  ABBT0051212  01-28-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  01-09-065-03W4 
ABIF0128037  10-18-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  01-34-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  02-04-065-03W4 
ABIF0157392  11-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  02-03-066-04W4  ABBT0111783  02-34-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-02-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  02-08-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  03-03-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-10-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  02-17-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  03-09-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  02-22-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  04-33-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  03-10-066-04W4  ABBT0111783  04-34-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  03-15-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  06-29-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-17-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  03-22-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  06-33-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  01-18-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  03-23-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  06-35-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  02-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  03-27-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  07-32-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  02-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  04-02-066-04W4  ABBT0111783  08-31-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  02-36-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  04-22-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  09-04-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  03-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  04-23-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  09-28-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  03-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  04-24-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  09-29-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  03-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  04-28-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  09-34-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  03-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  04-35-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  11-04-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  03-17-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  05-15-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  11-35-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  03-20-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  05-25-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  12-33-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  04-01-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  06-03-066-04W4  ABBT0111783  12-34-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  04-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  06-10-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  13-26-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  04-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  06-26-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  13-32-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  04-36-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  06-35-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  14-29-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  05-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  07-15-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  15-28-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  05-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  07-21-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  15-32-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  06-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  07-27-065-04W4  ABBT0111783  16-30-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  06-17-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  07-34-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  02-25-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  06-18-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  07-35-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  03-36-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  06-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  08-08-066-04W4  ABBT0119087  04-12-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  07-01-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  08-21-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  06-24-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  07-10-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  08-22-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  08-02-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  07-14-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  08-27-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  08-13-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  07-36-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  08-29-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  11-36-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  08-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  09-03-066-04W4  ABBT0119087  12-25-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  08-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  09-08-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  13-13-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  09-01-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  09-27-065-04W4  ABBT0119087  16-12-066-03W4 
ABBT0051211  09-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  10-21-065-04W4  ABBT0157365  12-13-065-04W4 
ABBT0051211  09-18-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  10-22-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  02-06-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  10-03-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  10-29-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  02-08-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  10-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  11-15-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  03-16-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  10-18-065-03W4  ABBT0051212  11-22-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  04-04-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  10-25-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  11-27-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  05-06-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  10-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  11-28-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  06-06-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  11-11-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  11-34-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  06-31-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  11-25-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  11-35-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  09-06-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  11-36-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  12-03-066-04W4  ABBT1330520  09-07-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  12-01-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  12-15-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  09-08-065-03W4 
ABBT0157365  12-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  12-26-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  10-09-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  12-36-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  12-35-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  11-07-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  13-01-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  13-10-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  11-08-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  13-12-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  13-15-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  12-06-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  13-25-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  13-22-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  12-31-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  13-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  13-28-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  13-08-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  14-13-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  13-34-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  13-31-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  14-35-064-04W4  ABBT0051212  14-03-066-04W4  ABBT1330520  15-31-064-03W4 
ABBT0051211  15-01-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  14-14-065-04W4  ABBT1330520  16-07-065-03W4 
ABBT0051211  15-02-065-04W4  ABBT0051212  14-21-065-04W4     

For a copy of the application, contact
Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.
505 Quarry Park Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta  T2C 5N1
Attention: Esther Aina
Telephone: 403-333-6650
E-mail: @email

To view the applications and supporting documents, use the Integrated Application Registry (IAR) query tool available under Systems & Tools on the AER website, To receive a copy of the application and supporting documents, submit an information request, as outlined at, to

AER Information Distribution Services
Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2P 0R4
Telephone: 1-855-297-8311 (toll free; option 0)
Fax: 403-297-7040
Email: @email 

Refer to this notice when requesting information for a faster response.

Requirement to File a Statement of Concern 
If you have concerns with this application, you must file a statement of concern as described below. If you do not file a statement of concern, the AER may approve the application without further notification.

How to File a Statement of Concern
For your submission to be considered a valid statement of concern, it must be filed by 11:59 p.m. on the filing date below. Send one copy of your statement of concern to Vermillion at the name and address above and one copy either online via the AER’s web-based form or by mail or email:


Mail or email:
Regulatory Applications
Alberta Energy Regulator
Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R4
Fax: 403-297-7336
Email: @email

May 15, 2024 Final date to file a statement of concern.

Contents of a Statement of Concern
For your submission to be considered a valid statement of concern, it must include

  1. why you believe you may be directly and adversely affected by a decision of the AER on the application;
  2. the nature of your objection to the application;
  3. the outcome of the application you advocate;
  4. the location of your land, residence, or activity in relation to the location of the energy resource that is the subject of the application; and
  5. your contact information, including your name, address in Alberta, telephone number, and email address or, if you do not have an email address, your fax number.

The AER also requests that you include the application number in your statement of concern.

Section 49 of the Alberta Energy Regulator Rules of Practice (Rules of Practice) requires that all documents and information filed in a proceeding be placed on the public record. If you file a submission, you must not include any personal information that you do not want to appear on or are not authorized to put on the public record. Section 49(2) of the Rules of Practice states how to apply to the AER for an order to keep information confidential. The Rules of Practice is available on the AER website at

Submissions relating exclusively to compensation for land use are not dealt with by the AER and should be referred to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (formerly the Surface Rights Board).

Under section 21 of the Responsible Energy Development Act, the AER does not have the jurisdiction to assess the adequacy of Crown consultation associated with the rights of aboriginal peoples as recognized and affirmed under the Constitution Act, 1982.

For information on AER procedures, contact the Senior Emissions Specialist, Milos Krnjaja, by phone at 403-297-2581 or by email to @email.

Issued at Calgary, Alberta, on April 15, 2024.