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This form is for submitting claims for suspension, abandonment, remediation, or reclamation.

This form must be submitted after the corresponding activity has been completed and entered into the designated information submission system, and it must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents listed below

The AER and Orphan Well Association may request additional information to support your claim.

The WIP name and percent you provide must exactly match AER records. This information can be confirmed using our online licence reports (Wells, Facilities).

If the records do not match, do not submit the claim. It will be rejected.

  • As per Directive 067, WIP records need to be updated annually by the licensee.
  • If you are the licensee of record, please update the WIP records.
  • If you are not the licensee of record, please email @email to complete a WIP change; ensure you have appropriate documentation (e.g., purchase sales agreement, etc.).