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Legislation Governing the AER

In 2013, the Responsible Energy Development Act (REDA) established the AER. REDA sets out our mandate, structure, powers, duties, and functions.

The following regulations under REDA provide more details about the AER's legislative framework, including principles governing the transition of the ERCB to the AER and the transfer of jurisdiction over the specified enactments (also below) to the AER.

The rules under REDA are as follows:

Energy Resource Enactments

Energy resource enactments are the acts, regulations, and rules governing energy resource development in Alberta that the AER administers.

Specified Enactments

Specified enactments are the acts and regulations that we administer with respect to energy resource activities. Alberta government departments administer these acts and regulations in relation to other kinds of activities.

Ministerial Order

Codes of Practice under the Water Act or the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act