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Companies must complete and submit forms in accordance with our Mines and Minerals Act application requirements.

Please be aware that forms may be removed from this page as we continue to transfer application processes to OneStop.


  • Application for Exploration Licence or Permit [DOC]
  • Application for Unique Identification Number [DOC]
  • Final/Interim Geophysical Program Information Cover Sheet [DOCX]
  • Final Plan New Cut Summary Data Sheet [DOC]
  • Flowing Hole Report for Geophysical Operations [DOC]
  • Geophysical Field Report (GFR) Form [DOCX]
    • Policy and Procedures for Submitting the Geophysical Field Report Form [PDF]
  • Geophysical Interim Declaration [DOCX]
  • Geophysical Program Site Condition Report and Application for Letter of Clearance on Public Lands [DOC]
  • Geophysical Site Condition Report for Programs Conducted Within Surveyed Road Allowance [DOC]
  • Preliminary Geophysical Program Information Cover Sheet [DOCX]
  • Proposed Seismic Operations in Zone 1 [DOC]


To the AER

  • Commencement Notification [DOCX]
  • Completion Notification [DOCX]
To the Relevant Land Authority
  • Notice of Commencement for Geophysical Operations [DOC]
  • Notice of Completion for Geophysical Operations [DOC]
  • Notice of Intent for a Geophysical Program [DOCX]
  • Notice to Temporarily Cease or Resume Operations for Geophysical Operations [DOC]

Please note: The Microsoft Word format has been provided for your convenience. The AER will not accept any modifications to the wording of these documents.