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New Edition of Directive 060

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Release Date: July 07, 2020


Today we released a new edition of Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting, consisting of two sets of changes.


Section 2.6 has been updated to permit the use of incinerators and enclosed combustors between 100 m and 500 m of a residence for facilities with first gas disposition after January 1, 2020. For such facilities where unconserved gas volumes greater than 900 m3/day are combusted, the gas must be disposed of in an incinerator or enclosed combustor. The 500 m residence spacing requirement for flaring or venting has not changed.


For more information on the differences between flaring, venting, incinerating, and combusting, please see the EnerFAQs "Flaring and Incineration" on our website, > Providing Information > EnerFAQs and Fact Sheets > Flaring and Incineration.


Additional amendments to Directive 060 have been made as part of our contributions towards the Government of Alberta's Red Tape Reduction Act. Please refer to Bulletin 2020-07 and the directive's "What's New" section for further information.


Directive 060 is available on our website,