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New Edition of Directive 020: Well Abandonment

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Release Date: February 04, 2021


Today we released a new edition of Directive 020: Well Abandonment. Section 5 has been updated to allow for select routine abandonment of commingled wells that involve qualified subsurface geological strata in corresponding geographic locations. Information on qualified pools is available on the Directive 020 webpage. We will update this information as we evaluate more pools. We continue to accept all nonroutine requests related to commingled abandonments. 

A draft of the directive was released November 4, 2020, and public feedback was accepted through December 4, 2020 (see Bulletin 2020-23). A summary of the feedback, including our responses, is available on the directive’s webpage.

Additional amendments to Directive 020 have also been made as part of our contributions towards the Government of Alberta’s Red Tape Reduction Act. Please refer to Bulletin 2020-07 and the directive’s “What's New” section for further information.

The revised edition of Directive 020 is available on our website, > Regulating Development > Rules and Directives > Directives > Directive 020.  If you have any questions, please contact @email.