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New Functionality Moving to OneStop

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Release Date: October 07, 2021


On October 21, 2021 we will release new functionality to the OneStop platform:

Enhanced Search (Elasticsearch) Function

OneStop users will have greater flexibility when searching for information. Enhancements include filtering application fields and entering specific criteria in search fields. Users may also notice an increase in search speed and more high-quality results generated.


OneStop's submissions functionality has been enhanced to support notifications and alerts; licensees will receive alerts and notifications on submissions. Other enhancements include an option for interested stakeholders to receive email notifications on new submission types and the ability to generate Enterprise Submissions Summary reports.

Aggregate Management Plans (Submission Type)

Starting October 21, 2021 disposition holders, who are required to submit aggregate management plans (AMPs) and/or annual aggregate plan updates, will be expected to submit them through OneStop. The Government of Alberta will receive notification when an AMP is submitted.

Aggregate management plans provide the AER and Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) with information about the aggregate resource that is found within the boundaries of the lease related to a disposition.

Public Lands

Manual 018: OneStop Public Lands Application will be updated to include guidance on the application process for borrow pit dispositions issued by the AER. The revised edition of Manual 018 will be available on the AER website,

Applicants will have the ability to apply for new or amended surface material dispositions that are under AER's jurisdiction: regulator surface materials lease (RML), regulator surface materials licence (RSC), and regulator surface materials exploration (RME).

Applicants will have the ability to renew regulator surface materials leases (RMLs). Applicants will also be able to provide site entry notification, no-entry cancellation notification, and plan replacement submissions for surface material dispositions. For more details, refer to Borrow Pits on Public Lands: Operational Guidance Fact Sheet and AER Bulletin 2020-7, New AER Jurisdiction Over Borrow Pits Supporting Energy Activities.

The Master Schedule of Standards and Conditions (MSSC) logic in OneStop will be updated to accommodate surface material applications. Refer to the updated OneStop Public Lands Standards and Conditions Change Key on the OneStop landing page.

On October 21, 2021, all draft Public Lands Act (PLA) applications, that contain variances to standards, will require updated variance information before submission. The AER encourages applicants to maintain a separate copy of variance information for replacement in the draft application for submission.

Details on other enhancements and fixes will be made available at the time of release in What's New in OneStop, found on the OneStop landing page under "Enhancements and Fixes".

We will schedule a system outage to implement these new changes. The outage notice will be posted on our Systems and Tools portal on our website, and the OneStop landing page.

Training and support materials

New quick reference guides (QRGs) will be posted on the OneStop landing page to support Elasticsearch, and aggregate management plans. Updates to some Public Lands QRGs will also be posted to reflect borrow pits and minor changes made to the tool.

If you have questions about OneStop or this bulletin, contact the AER's Customer Contact Centre by phone at 403-297-8311 (1-855-297-8311 toll free) or by email at @email.