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Monitoring for Snowmelt and Overland Flooding

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Release Date: April 06, 2023

The Rocky Mountain snowmelt occurs each year between April and June. In late May and early June, rainfall from large weather systems occurs in Alberta, which may cause overland flooding. Rain and/or rapid snowmelt on impermeable frozen soil is the leading cause of severe flooding and erosion. For more information, see Alberta's snowmelt and its impact on Alberta rivers.

We remind licensees of their responsibility to take appropriate precautions to ensure public safety and environmental protection by minimizing the potential operational impacts because of these hazards.

All licensees must be aware of the potential for site and equipment damage from flooding and physically inspect and assess any sites and equipment that have or may potentially be affected. Caution is advised when working around or on the water, as water levels could fluctuate rapidly.

Licensees should have procedures in place for issuing flood advisories and monitoring runoff and snowmelt. Licensees should be prepared to take action to protect the public, the environment, and their operations.

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas forecasts indicate the current runoff conditions for northwest Alberta will be normal; central and northeast Alberta will see runoff well above normal; southern Alberta will be well below normal.

The weather is forecast to be in the seasonal range, which means it will be warm enough for the ice to breakup and recede downstream over the next few weeks. The potential for flooding exists along all streams and lakes in Alberta.

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