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New Edition of Directive 001

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Release Date: July 04, 2023

Today we released a new edition of Directive 001: Requirements for Site-Specific Liability Assessment. The changes we’ve made are as follows:

  • removed irrelevant or duplicative information, updated the references to include up-to-date regulatory requirements, and brought the directive up to AER formatting standards (this included moving the forms out of the directive for future posting on the directive’s landing page)
  • revised the definition of liability assessment to emphasize the obligations of licensees to provide care and custody from shut-down of operations through suspension, abandonment, remediation, and reclamation of sites
  • modified the scope of the directive to include sites regulated under the Geothermal Resource Development Rules and Brine-Hosted Mineral Resource Development Rules
  • integrated the requirements that were in appendix 2 into the main body to remove duplication and identify the requirements that are expected in a comprehensive SSLA
  • removed the requirement to submit the On-Site Reclamation and Remediation Details form and the Facility Summary form

A draft of the directive was released for public feedback on January 9, 2023 (see Bulletin 2023-01). A summary of the feedback, including our responses, is available on the directive’s webpage. The revised edition of Directive 001 is available on our website at > Regulating Development > Rules and Directives > Directives. If you have any questions, contact our Customer Contact Centre by phone at 1-855-297-8311 or by email at @email.