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Directive 083: Hydraulic Fracturing – Subsurface Integrity

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Release Date: April 24, 2023

Effective Date: April 24, 2023
Replaces the previous edition released on May 21, 2021
See section 1.3 of the directive for what’s new.

Purpose of this Directive

This directive sets out the requirements for managing subsurface integrity associated with hydraulic fracturing subsurface operations, including requirements to prevent loss of wellbore integrity, manage well control at an offset well, and prevent surface impacts and impacts to nonsaline aquifers and water wells.

Directive 083 has been rebranded and placed in the AER’s current format for directives. This directive now also applies to geothermal resource development. 

Frequently Asked Questions (October 2023) [PDF]

Effective August 21, 2013, industry is required, under Directive 083 to submit the hydraulic fracturing notification form. Save a copy of the submission form provided in the link below, complete it, and email it to the appropriate AER field operations email address (see contact us for addresses).

Please note: Industry is also required to submit hydraulic fracturing notifications through the AER DDS system using the field surveillance notification option.

Hydraulic fracturing notification submission form [XLSX]

Subject well licensees must immediately notify the appropriate AER field centre of a communication event (including pressure pulses) with an offset well, a non-saline aquifer, or a water well.

Each well and facility licensee involved (the subject well and any impacted wells and/or facilities) must complete the hydraulic fracturing inter-wellbore communication event spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must be emailed to the Hydraulic Fracturing Administrator at @email. Questions about the spreadsheet are to be directed to the Hydraulic Fracturing Administrator.

Hydraulic Fracturing Communication Event Form [XLS]