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Directive 090: Brine-Hosted Mineral Resource Development

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Release Date: March 15, 2023

Effective date: March 15, 2023

Purpose of this Directive

This directive sets out the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) requirements for brine-hosted mineral resource development.

This directive:

  • defines the types of mineral developments, including brine-hosted mineral schemes;
  • identifies the licences and authorizations for wells, facilities, pipelines, and schemes;
  • extends the existing Licensee Management Program (i.e., holistic licensee assessment, estimates of liability, and security deposits) to include brine-hosted mineral developments;
  • identifies the requirements for converting oil, gas, or geothermal wells to a brine-hosted minerals well;
  • identifies risk assessment requirements related to hazards for brine-hosted mineral wells; and
  • identifies data filing, measurement, and reporting requirements specific to brine-hosted mineral wells.

Many of the AER’s requirements for oil and gas development apply to the development of brine-hosted minerals. Consequently, this directive refers to other AER directives with applicable requirements.