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Previously, informational letters (ILs) were mostly used to announce a new regulatory direction or technical requirements. A few of them, however, contained requirements. Although these documents are no longer published, some of them are still in effect. If you notice a broken link or out-of-date email address or phone number, please contact our Customer Contact Centre.

Number Name Status Date
IL 99-06 Conventional Crude Oil Pools Granted Good Production Practice Status In Effect December 09, 1999
IL 98-02 Suspension, Abandonment, Decontamination, and Surface Land Reclamation of Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities Rescinded March 26, 1998
IL 98-01 A Memorandum of Understanding Between Alberta Environmental Protection and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Regarding Coordination of Release Notification Requirements and Subsequent Regulatory Response Rescinded February 06, 1998
IL 94-11 Good Production Practice Conventional Crude Oil Pools In Effect June 01, 1994
IL 94-04 Storage of Hydrocarbons in Underground Formations Rescinded April 07, 1994
IL 94-02 Injection and Disposal Wells [Rescinded by Directive 051: Injection and Disposal Wells and Part 6 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules] Rescinded March 16, 1994
IL 93-09 Oil and Gas Developments Eastern Slopes (Southern Portion) In Effect December 13, 1993
IL 93-04 Policy for the Logging of the Horizontal Wells [Rescinded by Directive 080: Well Logging] Rescinded June 30, 1993
IL 92-11 Experimental Schemes - Release of Information In Effect October 26, 1992
IL 91-11 Coalbed Methane Regulation In Effect August 26, 1991
IL 91-05 Good Production Practice Conventional Crude Oil Pools In Effect March 31, 1991
IL 90-21 Oil and Gas Development - Rumsey Block In Effect November 26, 1990
IL 90-03 Applications for Special MRLs, GPP, and GOR Penalty Relief In Effect April 05, 1990
IL 88-01 Submission of Mud Log Data [Rescinded by Directive 080: Well Logging] Rescinded January 06, 1988
IL 87-12 Horizontal Wells Conventional Oil and Gas Pools In Effect November 03, 1987
IL 85-12 Oil Sands Primary Production: Well Spacing Primary Recovery Scheme Approvals In Effect August 01, 1985
IL 85-10 Maximum Daily Rates of Production for Gas Wells In Effect January 01, 1985
IL 84-11 Approval, Monitoring, and Control of Sulphur Storage Sites In Effect October 29, 1984
IL 83-02 Procedure for Submissions: Annual Reservoir Review for Gas Pools [Rescinded by Bulletin 2019-25] Rescinded March 28, 1983
IL 82-13 Off-Target Penalty Factors for Exploration Wells In Effect April 07, 1982
IL 82-11 Preservation of Archaeological, Palaeontological, and Historical Resources: Policy Update [Rescinded by AER Bulletin 2014-16: Regulatory Document Review] Rescinded March 05, 1982
IL 81-30 Experimental Schemes Involving a Large Array of Wells and Close Well Spacing In Effect December 11, 1981
IL 80-23 Experimental Schemes In Effect September 16, 1980
IL 79-16 Revised Incinerator Stack Exit Temperature Criteries for Plants Processing Sour Gas In Effect August 03, 1979
IL-OG 78-12 Policy on Experimental Schemes - Conventional Oil Pools or Oil Sands In Effect September 26, 1978
IL-OG 76-24 Stack Exit Temperatures for Acid Gas Incinerators Associated with Gas Processing Plants In Effect December 15, 1976
IL-OG 76-14 Drill Cuttings and Core In Effect July 12, 1976