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IL 98-01: A Memorandum of Understanding Between Alberta Environmental Protection and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Regarding Coordination of Release Notification Requirements and Subsequent Regulatory Response

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Release Date: Feb 06, 1998

This document supersedes Informational Letter (IL) 96-10, which is hereby rescinded.

IL 94-5 and IL 96-10 introduced and clarified a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which described the process to be used by the upstream oil and gas industry to notify either Alberta Environmental Protection (AEP) or the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) whenever a spill or other form of release has occurred. The MOU described a reporting process that integrated the needs of both agencies, providing the upstream oil and gas industry with a single call process to report various types of releases.

The attached updated MOU further clarifies and streamlines the release notification requirements for any release that may cause, is causing, or has caused an adverse effect as defined in the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

Questions regarding the MOU can be directed to the EUB's Field Surveillance Group at (403) 297-8132 or AEP's Pollution Control Division at (403) 427-6209.

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Céline Bélanger
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

<original signed by>

J. R. Nichols
Deputy Minister
Alberta Environmental Protection