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ID 2001-03: Sulphur Recovery Guidelines for the Province of Alberta

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Release Date: August 29, 2001


Note: June 2009: Note that credit report submissions as outlined in Section 4.4.1 are now generated by the ERCB each quarter. Commencing with the April-June 2009 period, licensees are no longer required to submit the quarterly credit reports to the ERCB. Licensees are requested to review the credit report supplied by the ERCB and bring to the ERCB's attention any discrepancies in credits earned for a facility.

Note: March 2007: Enforcement is according to Section 7 of this Interim Directive and the principles of Directive 019: EUB Compliance Assurance-Enforcement. A list of risk-assessed noncompliances is available on the Web at EUB Home : Industry Zone : Compliance and Enforcement : Risk Assessed Noncompliance.

The Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) and Alberta Environment (AENV) have completed a review of the sulphur recovery guidelines for sour gas plants in Alberta. This interim directive (ID) sets out the guidelines and provides details on how the EUB and AENV will implement the findings of the review and apply the revised sulphur recovery guidelines to sour gas plants, other upstream petroleum facilities, and downstream petroleum operations, including refineries and heavy oil and bitumen upgraders. For ease of use, a contents to the guidelines follows this introduction.

The guidelines and requirements set out in this ID become effective January 1, 2002, and replace IL 88-13: Sulphur Recovery Guidelines Gas Processing Operations in its entirety.

Please direct questions of the EUB to Kim Eastlick at (403) 297-4325 or Jim Spangelo at (403) 297-3566. Please direct questions related to application of the sulphur recovery guidelines by AENV to Randy Dobko, Science and Standards Division, Alberta Environment, at (780) 427-6869.

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Neil McCrank, Q.C.
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

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Roger Palmer
Deputy Minister
Alberta Environment