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In commingled production, resources like oil and gas are produced from multiple pools beneath the ground. They are brought to surface together through a common wellbore. Commingling is a longstanding practice in Alberta. It helps conserve resources and supports economic and orderly development.

Companies must submit an application and receive our approval before starting commingled production. They must use good engineering practices when commingling, and must have

  • a good understanding of their reservoirs and fluid properties before commingling;
  • a collection of the appropriate reservoir data;
  • an accurate assessment of that data to properly manage their reservoirs; and
  • ongoing reviews of all commingled wells and pools to ensure that our strict requirements are being followed.

Our Detailed Requirements

  • Directive 040 Pressure and Deliverability Testing Oil and Gas Wells
  • Directive 065 Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Questions about these requirements can be emailed to @email.

Compliance and Enforcement

We conduct regular inspections and audits to make sure that companies are following our requirements. If we find that a company isn’t complying, we’ll take the appropriate compliance and enforcement actions and share our findings on the Compliance Dashboard.

Sharing Information

Learn more about where commingling takes place in Alberta and which companies are producing this way.