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Stories With Energy

Regulating energy development in Alberta is multifaceted and complex. We are passionate about telling the stories of how our work is done, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going in the future to ensure responsible resource development across the province. This is a selection of a few of these stories – with more to come. 

An AER employee shares her traditions around trapping
Good 2 Know
Uncovering Rare Finds at the AER’s Core Research Centre (CRC)
While this may not be King Tut’s tomb or an 18th-century Spanish ship at the bottom of the ocean, but in some ways, the AER’s Core Research Centre (CRC) is close. Over the…
Safety & Enforcement
Recent carbon capture and storage applications have sparked an interest in how the AER regulates CCS
Recent applications for carbon capture and storage (CCS), such as the Shell Atlas or Pathways Alliance projects, have sparked an interest in how the AER regulates CCS in…
Safety & Enforcement
Prosecution is one option when companies skirt the AER’s rules
With over 156 000 operating wells, 440 000 kilometres of pipeline, 8 operating oil sands mines, 5 operating coal mines, more than 180 in situ oil projects, and over 45 000…
Safety & Enforcement
How geothermal resources are developed, used, and regulated and the role Albertans had in developing Directive 089
The AER was directed to regulate the development of deep geothermal resources found below the base of groundwater protection.
How the AER’s leading technology helps us learn about human-caused earthquakes
Just like humans, not all earthquakes are the same. Earthquakes caused by human activities are called induced seismicity.