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We release bulletins to inform industry and Albertans about regulatory activities, such as new regulatory requirements, new programs, or new processes. Bulletins may announce, but do not establish, requirements related to energy development in Alberta.

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Number Name Date
Bulletin 2019-29 Tracking and Manifesting Produced Water November 12, 2019
Bulletin 2019-21 AER Approval Still Required for Disposal Schemes With a Crown Mineral Activity Authorization August 08, 2019
Bulletin 2019-07 Recommendations around Hydraulic Fracturing in the Red Deer Area May 15, 2019
Bulletin 2015-34 Confirmation of the Transfer of Pipeline Records to Be Added to the Licence Transfer Application December 17, 2015
Bulletin 2015-26 Update on Restrictions to Temporary Diversion Licences September 16, 2015
Bulletin 2015-23 Issuance of Subsurface Order No. 1A Regarding the Montney-Lower Doig July 23, 2015
Bulletin 2015-14 Change in Business Process Relating to the Review of Upstream Oil and Gas Reclamation Certificate Applications April 02, 2015
Bulletin 2015-12 Issuance of Subsurface Order No. 3 Regarding the Duvernay Zone March 17, 2015
Bulletin 2015-06 Issuance of Subsurface Order No. 1 Regarding the Montney-Lower Doig February 17, 2015
Bulletin 2011-05 Share Volumetric Reporting Submission Errors and Noncompliance Fees Related to Waste Plant Reporting March 03, 2011
Bulletin 2009-13 Waiver of Open-Hole Well Logging Requirements April 28, 2009
AER Bulletin 2014-38 Temporary Surface Water Pipelines for the Energy Resource Industry December 05, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-32 Shallow Organic Soil Salvage Requirements at In Situ Oil Sands Processing Plants and Oil Production Sites October 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-31 Changes to the Guidelines for Submission of a Predisturbance Assessment and Conservation and Reclamation Plan October 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-29 Access Control Requirements in Public Lands Act Dispositions Held by Alberta Energy Regulator Licensees September 30, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-28 Application Requirements for Activities within the Boundary of a Regional Plan September 19, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-27 A Reminder on the Rules and Procedures for Wells in Buffer Zones of Holdings and Units with Special Spacing and Special Well Spacing Applications September 11, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-25 Timelines for Processing Public Lands Act Applications July 29, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-20 Proration Measurement of Liquids-Rich Gas Wells July 08, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-16 Regulatory Document Review April 30, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-12 Enhanced Monitoring of Pipeline Water Crossings April 10, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-07 Considerations for Awarding Energy Costs Claims and Changes to the AER’s Process for Reviewing Energy Costs Claims March 06, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-06 Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program Management Plan February 28, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-05 Canada’s Emergency Order for the Protection of the Greater Sage-Grouse February 25, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-03 Regulatory Approach for Shallow Thermal In Situ Oil Sands Applications in the Wabiskaw-McMurray Deposit of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area January 28, 2014
AER Bulletin 2013-03 Mandated Subdivision and Development Application Referrals, Setback Relaxations, Land Development Information Package, and Abandoned Well Information November 19, 2013
AER Bulletin 2013-02 A Reminder of Regulatory Requirements and Processes, the AER’s Interpretation of the Definition of “Oilfield Waste” in the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules, and a Request for the Disclosure of Unauthorized Oilfield Waste Management Activities September 03, 2013
Bulletin 2019-28 Pipeline Integrity Management Programs Must Consider Slope Movement November 07, 2019
Bulletin 2018-16 Clarifying the Difference between the Transfer of an AER Licence and the Sale or Transfer of the Contractual Right to Operate Wells and Facilities July 18, 2018
Bulletin 2017-16 Fluid Disposal Schemes in the Elmworth Field, Cardium Sand October 10, 2017
Bulletin 2017-09 Reporting Non-Emergency Releases from Pipeline Horizontal Directional Drilling April 03, 2017
Bulletin 2016-27 Application Requirements for Activities within the Boundary of a Regional Plan September 02, 2016
Bulletin 2016-22 Operational Advisory: Leak Detection July 14, 2016
Bulletin 2016-21 Revision and Clarification on Alberta Energy Regulator’s Measures to Limit Environmental Impacts Pending Regulatory Changes to Address the Redwater Decision July 08, 2016
Bulletin 2016-16 Licensee Eligibility – Alberta Energy Regulator Measures to Limit Environmental Impacts Pending Regulatory Changes to Address the Redwater Decision June 20, 2016
Bulletin 2016-10 Obligations of Licensees When in Insolvency or When Otherwise Ceasing Operations April 08, 2016
Bulletin 2016-01 Release of the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework and Manual 013: Compliance and Enforcement Program; Rescission of Directive 019: Compliance Assurance February 12, 2016
Bulletin 2015-29 Administration of Good Production Practice for Conventional Crude Oil Pools September 28, 2015
Bulletin 2015-20 Release of Revised Joint Operating Procedures for First Nations Consultation on Energy Resource Activities June 09, 2015
Bulletin 2015-11 Directive 074: Tailings Performance Criteria and Requirements for Oil Sands Mining Schemes Suspended March 13, 2015
Bulletin 2015-07 Subsurface Order No. 2: Monitoring and Reporting of Seismicity in the Vicinity of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Duvernay Zone, Fox Creek, Alberta February 19, 2015
Bulletin 2015-02 Consent Submissions for Public Lands Disposition Applications January 12, 2015
Bulletin 2014-39 Change in Business Process Relating to Preapplication Statements of Concern December 15, 2014
Bulletin 2013-08 Use of Cellulosic Welding Consumables on ERCB-Licensed Pipelines February 26, 2013
Bulletin 2011-21 The Practice of Boiling Produced Water as a Means of Disposal in the Upstream Petroleum Industry June 30, 2011
Bulletin 2010-28 Zones Eligible for Shale Gas Fluid Codes August 26, 2010
Bulletin 2009-44 Reminder of the January 1, 2010, Fugitive Emissions Program Effective Date December 16, 2009
Bulletin 2009-42 New ERCB Processes and Computer Systems for Oil Density and Acid Gas Content Values and Change Processes December 01, 2009
Bulletin 2009-32 New Version of ERCBH2S Available for Testing and Feedback and Implementation Plan for Directive 071 October 01, 2009
Bulletin 2009-18 Clarification for the July 1, 2009, Annual Dehydrator Benzene Inventory List Submission of 2008 Operating Year Information May 21, 2009
Bulletin 2008-48 Clarification of Requirements Regarding Oil and Gas Development Within or Proximal to Water Bodies December 19, 2008
Bulletin 2008-15 New Edition of Directive 071: Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements for the Petroleum Industry Issued April 08, 2008
Bulletin 2007-10 ST55-2007: Alberta's Base of Groundwater Protection (BGWP) Information April 19, 2007
AER Bulletin 2014-19 Release of the Inactive Well Compliance Program July 04, 2014