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Companies profiting from the province’s energy resources must safely and responsibly suspend and abandon (“decommission”) their energy infrastructure and reclaim energy development sites. As energy infrastructure nears the end of its life cycle and is no longer needed, we ensure that wells, pipelines, mines, and facilities are taken out of service safely, with no harm to the public or the environment.

After an energy site has reached the end of its productive life, the hands-on work to close a project starts. Decommissioning involves removing as much infrastructure as possible from the site – facilities, surface pipelines, wells, and so on. Only infrastructure that is considered to be an improvement (e.g., an access road left in place for the landowner’s use) can be left on the land, with permission from the landowner. Decommissioning is one of several steps required in the reclamation process

Number of decommissioned wells

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