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Closure nomination allows eligible requesters to nominate inactive oil and gas wells and facilities for closure work. Closure involves decommissioning energy infrastructure and returning the land to equivalent land capability – or a state similar to what it was in prior to development taking place. Closure nomination does not include pipelines or pipeline risers.  

How It Works

Closure Nomination Process

If an eligible requester has a well or facility on their land that has remained in an inactive or abandoned state for five or more years, they can make a closure request by submitting a closure nomination form

We will review the nomination against requester and well or facility eligibility criteria  outlined in Manual 023: Licensee Life-Cycle Management and will let the requester and licensee know if the nomination was accepted. Nominations that have been accepted will also be posted on the closure nomination dashboard.

The licensee is required to provide us with a closure plan for the well or facility within 90 days of being notified of the nomination. 

Timelines to complete closure work will vary based on the complexity of the site and the status of the licence. The time it takes to complete closure work is typically 10-13 years as outlined in Directive 088: Licensee Life-Cycle Management. However, some sites may require more time due to complexities or challenges of completing closure activities. In these cases, alternate timelines need to be approved by the AER.

Information about closure plans for accepted nominations and the progress of closure activities is posted to the closure nomination dashboard

Please note that closure nomination is not a mechanism for the public to submit concerns about public safety or the environment. All such concerns and complaints must be submitted using the AER’s Energy and Environmental Emergency 24-hour response line: 1-800-222-6514.

To help resolve disputes related to an energy development or activity, you can request to participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which provides variety of options to manage disputes, including direct negotiation between the parties, AER staff-led mediation, and third-party mediation. If you are interested in ADR, email @email or call 1-855-297-8311 (toll free) and ask to speak to an ADR team member.