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Forty-eight years on, Earth Day is alive and well

Alberta - April 16, 2018

At a time when the Beatles’ breakup and Vietnam War protests dominated headlines, the environment was scarcely in the conversation for most people, apart from the tired slogan: “Don’t be a Litterbug.”

But it was during this period that an event was born to raise awareness of the need for a healthy, sustainable environment and to spur action to protect this planet we live on. Earth Day was first celebrated by millions in the United States on April 22, 1970. And like the environmental issue itself, it has since been embraced by over a billion people in 192 countries.

Here at home, the environment consistently ranks among the top concerns of Albertans, especially when it comes to the development of our energy resources. Environmental protection is a priority for the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), baked right into our mandate.

With a nod to Earth Day, happening this Sunday, here are five Resource stories that cover some of the ways the AER safeguards Alberta’s air, water, land, and biodiversity.

1. No Stone Unturned – Detailed site inspections determine if industry’s reclamation work is up to snuff
Alberta Energy Regulator's incpectors
2. Paying the Price – Energy companies can face financial penalties when things go wrong
Lake in the forest
3. Don’t Poke the Bear – The nature of environmental management at the AER
Don't Poke The Bear
4. Assessing the Impact – EIAs play an important role in how the AER protects the environment
Assessing the impact
5. Clearing the Air – Partners respond to report recommendations to improve air quality for residents in Fort McKay
bird's eye view on the river and buildings

John Ludwick, Writer