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How the AER’s leading technology helps us learn about human-caused earthquakes
Just like humans, not all earthquakes are the same. Earthquakes caused by human activities are called induced seismicity.
EIAs play an important role in how the AER protects the environment
The environment is a hot topic (and that’s not just a global warming pun). Canadians care deeply about how oil and gas development will affect the environment and their…
The nature of environmental management at the AER
No one likes to be stirred from a good nap, particularly if you’ve been asleep for several months. So when an oil and gas company came across a bear den during construction…
AER releases new storage requirements
The AER has released new requirements that will reduce industry’s reliance on Alberta’s rivers and lakes and reduce industry traffic.
AER’s annual report shows how the energy industry uses water
“It's our job to encourage Alberta's energy industry to use water resources responsibly and to identify where there is room for improvement,” says Andre Bachteram,…