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Stories With Energy

Regulating energy development in Alberta is multifaceted and complex. We are passionate about telling the stories of how our work is done, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going in the future to ensure responsible resource development across the province. This is a selection of a few of these stories – with more to come. 

An AER employee shares her traditions around trapping
Safety & Enforcement
How Alberta’s youth are influencing the future of energy development.
Through a competitive bid process, the AER selected a candidate whose bid involved forming the Youth Water Council, comprising ten members of 4-H Alberta, to encourage…
EIAs play an important role in how the AER protects the environment
The environment is a hot topic (and that’s not just a global warming pun). Canadians care deeply about how oil and gas development will affect the environment and their…
AER releases new storage requirements
The AER has released new requirements that will reduce industry’s reliance on Alberta’s rivers and lakes and reduce industry traffic.
Good 2 Know
Need information on energy development? The AER can help, so can some others
If you’re among the tens of thousands of Albertans who live near oil and gas development, you likely know that sometimes you need help getting to the bottom of things. What…
Good 2 Know
AER’s top stories from 2021
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