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Stories With Energy

Regulating energy development in Alberta is multifaceted and complex. We are passionate about telling the stories of how our work is done, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going in the future to ensure responsible resource development across the province. This is a selection of a few of these stories – with more to come. 

An AER employee shares her traditions around trapping
Oil sands operators continue to work towards reclaiming Northern Alberta’s landscape
North of Fort McMurray is home to a variety of oilsands projects that have or are undergoing reclamation efforts including the Crane Lake Natural Trail, Bison Viewpoint,…
AER book discusses parallels between western and indigenous decision-making models
We know indigenous peoples want their voices reflected in our decisions. However, many of our processes fail to link western and indigenous worldviews, and we need to…
Good 2 Know
New requirements for financial assessment will help with liability management
Whether you're talking about the aftermath from a dinner party, or the far more serious nature of oil and gas development, someone has to take responsibility for the…
Safety & Enforcement
The AER’s Field Incident Response Support Team is always ready to support
These are words to live by for the Alberta Energy Regulator's Field Incident Response Support Team (FIRST), a unique team of specialists working within the chaos of…
In the News
SanLing Energy Ltd. has informed the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) that it intends to cease operations as of April 30.