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Stories With Energy

Regulating energy development in Alberta is multifaceted and complex. We are passionate about telling the stories of how our work is done, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going in the future to ensure responsible resource development across the province. This is a selection of a few of these stories – with more to come. 

Recent carbon capture and storage applications have sparked an interest in how the AER regulates CCS
Safety & Enforcement
June was a wet month for many Albertans. Oil and gas sites in the upper-east part of the province were no exception.
June rainfall across Alberta was heavier than usual, leaving communities soaking wet and, in a few unfortunate cases, flooded in. Northeast Alberta was one of several areas…
Good 2 Know
The AER releases its annual Alberta Energy Outlook report amidst an uncertain backdrop
The AER provides analyses on various resources, like coal and natural gas liquids (NGLs), in addition to information about the oil sands sector with consolidated project…
Honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day and the anniversary of Treaty 8
June 21 is also National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to celebrate the culture, heritage, and contributions of Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples—the first…
Good 2 Know
The Natural Resources Transfer Act of 1930 meant different things to different communities
Political attention in Alberta turned towards full equality within the dominion, and with it, control over its natural resources. After years of debate, the Natural Resources…
Solar energy companies are moving on to old oil and gas sites to save money and land
Think back to the last time you moved; did you enter your new home to find it spick and span or did the previous residents leave a mess behind?