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Purpose of the Application

Companies buying new properties in Alberta must understand the terms and conditions for those properties. All AER scheme approvals or AER licences for wells, facilities, and pipelines must show the current approval holder or licensee that is responsible for the project. We cannot change the approval holder or licensee until these documents have been updated to reflect the new ownership.  

Process Checklist

Submit an Application
We strongly encourage companies to submit all related transfer applications at the same time.

Our submission process depends on the application type, as follows:

Digital Data Submission (DDS) System

  • Enhanced oil recovery, experimental, and gas storage
  • Licences (including AER-licensed wells, facilities, and pipelines)
  • Oil sands (includes commercial, primary, experimental, enhanced recovery, disposal, and mining projects)
  • Oilfield waste management facilities

Note that disposal schemes no longer require transfer applications. This transfer is triggered when we have approved the transfer of wells.

Electronic Transfer System


  • Water Act approvals 

Email @email 

Email @email

Review Process

  1. We share all applications on our Public Notice of Application page to encourage public participation in the approval process.
  2. Anyone who believes they may be directly and adversely affected by an application can file a statement of concern (SOC). If we receive an SOC, it may take us longer to process the application.
  3. We will assign the application to a subject matter expert for initial review. If information is missing (i.e., the application is not complete), we will close the application. Otherwise, we will proceed with a full technical review.
  4. We may request additional information (through a supplemental information request) to complete our technical review.
  5. We will decide to approve, close, or deny the application. If we close it, the applicant may reapply without prejudice. If we deny it, the applicant can file an appeal through our appeal process.
  6. We will provide the applicant with a link to the letter with our decision, which is accessible through the Integrated Application Registry. We will also share our decision on our Publication of Decision page.

Review our Transfer Application Processes document for detailed application processes for

  • scheme approval transfers,
  • land use assignments under the Public Lands Act,
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act transfers, and
  • Water Act approvals and licences.