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Reminder of Closure Spend Reporting Requirements

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Release Date: December 08, 2022

With the release of Directive 088: Licensee Lifecycle Management on December 1, 2021, all licensees with inactive inventory are required to meet an annual mandatory closure spend target. Under this directive, each licensee must report to the AER all its 2022 closure activities and closure spends to OneStop by March 31, 2023. 

The AER monitors reporting progress and strongly recommends that licensees begin their reporting as soon as possible to ensure they can resolve any discrepancies or other issues they encounter while still meeting the deadline.

As per section 3.6 of Manual 023: Licensee Lifecycle Management, all costs can be updated numerous times for 2022. The most recent submission overwrites any prior submissions. Costs associated with 2022 closure activity must be reported before March 31, 2023. Closure spend reported after the 2022 reporting deadline will not be considered. See section 3.6 and appendix 1 of Manual 023 for more details. 

Provided below are supporting documents and resource links:

OneStop System: AER Website Other:

If you have any other questions on how to submit closure spend information, please contact @email